Wood Owl Original Designs

Lisa M. Narloch, Owner, Designer, Creator of Wood Owl Original Designs

Hello. I am the Wood Owl artist and owner of Wood Owl Original Designs and I work predominantly with locally found, gifted and reclaimed wood. Whether from a woodpile, a gift from a friend, or rescued from the wood chipper or wood stove, each piece of wood is cut, worked, shaped and finished by hand with techniques designed to enhance the beauty of the wood, naturally. For finishing, the Wood Owl uses 100% food grade oils and waxes that are sustainably sourced. Her unique works are borne of a desire to stay close to nature and to keep the soul of a tree alive through each piece she designs. Drawn to the imperfect, unusual, weathered or broken, her outsider art embraces the idea of Wabi-Sabi and extends the life of the tree.




If you gift wood or a part of a tree to me, I will craft for you a special piece of art from that gift. And 10% of sales from that wood will be donated to a local non-profit. 50% of all Owl Head Bowls will be donated to The Wild Things Sanctuary in Ithaca NY to help raise funds for the rescue and rehab of bats, birds and other wild animals. Donations of art will also be offered to non-profits for annual fundraising auctions. Have a fundraiser coming up? Let me know.

I create. You buy. We donate.


~~The Wood Owl


rebel owl