Apple Wood Blog

How or where to begin? Begin with the beginning I say. I started turning wood in order to do something with the apple trees that the electric company cut down on our property in order to replace a pole. We were both very sad and angry at the loss of the trees and I felt I needed to do something about it.  But what could I do?

At the same time I needed to have brain surgery to repair an aneurysm in my brain, behind my right eye. Wow. I wasn’t even sure I was going to survive the surgery, let alone do something with apple wood.

The apple trees became symbolic for me and my brain. They became the push for me to create, the drive for me to connect with nature, the desire for me to connect with the community and the impetus for my healing.

Apple wood was the first wood I turned and hand carved. It is a beautiful fine grained heavy dense dark wood, prone to cracking and checking, dulls tools very quickly but yields a warm connection to wildlife and nature.  The root stock however is totally opposite of the trunk and limbs. The apple root is easy to work with, very light in weight and colour, has obtained an amazingly beautiful spalt stain, and has a sweet almost piney scent.


spalted apple root hollow form
spalted apple root box
apple wood hollow form