The arrival of the new lathe.

The arrival. 

The highly anticipated lathe was just delivered into the woodshop. I cranked up the heat, came in for a cuppa tea and am gearing up to open the overly large box.

The driver of the truck, Paul, said suspiciously, what is in that box? A lathe? It looks like a coffin. Well……  I immediately flash backed to the movie “A Christmas Story” FRAHGEELAH I was thinking as I started to open my major award.


New Nova Galaxi DVR Lathe
New Nova Galaxi DVR Lathe 

So, after a few hours of unpacking and schleping huge heave pieces around. I was able to extract the lathe parts from the box. This lathe was packed like a sardines in a can. The lathe and several part were connected to the pallet so it would not move around in transportation. Perfect. I scored many long bolts and hardware to reuse in my shop. The plywood will also be reused in future art.

The legs alone were heaving enough but the lathe bed was a killer. From the photos you can see that I had a block and tackle pulley hoist to assist in lifting the lathe bed. I still had to utilize wood stock to lift this bed as it is a monster at 66 inches long.  After walking it up to the height of the legs I was able to slide the cast iron legs up under each end with the aid of a saw horse.

Then after that I was able to add the tool rest and banjo. However, I was not able to lift the DVR motor headstock and needed help.


This was not a job for one woman, so it took two of us to actually lift the motor out of the box onto the lathe bed. Wow. What a lathe.



To accommodate the massive size of this lathe, I had to decide to sacrifice selling my new Shop Fox belt disc sander to save space.