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Looking to buy my art?

Click into the gallery pages for prices, sizes, ingredients and details.

Wondering how I price my art? Size is not so much a factor but rarity, characteristics, difficulties of the creation, safety factors and dangers that exist with some woods over others all factor in. Root stock? Costs more. Burls and knots. More rare. Location of sourced wood is a factor. Did I dig it out of the ground? Yes, price will be higher. Did that piece of curly cherry just fly off the bandsaw and break my nose? Price goes up.

 Since most of my art is chainsaw to lathe, there is an element of danger and amount of work that might make the price higher than that of a bowl created from a purchased perfect blank.  But because I have my hands on the wood creating the blanks, I am able to decide how I want that piece to look and feel.

If you are considering purchasing an item that is currently in an exhibit, please contact me to reserve the piece. First dibs gets it. However, because it is currently in an exhibit, you will need to be patient, grasshopper. I will need to replace it in the exhibit before I can pull it to ship it to you.

I use USPS to ship and I reuse boxes, paper and plastic bubbles to wrap these babies up.  Contact me for details.

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