fractured wood

My art is about being fractured, broken, natural and unique and allowing that art to remain fractured, broken, natural and unique. It is about freedom.

It is about being imperfect and beautiful at the same time; rescued and saved and recycled and given a new life.  Left as open and natural as it can be, the pieces resonate with the beholder. What I often hear from others who have purchased my art is that they felt connected to a special piece, a shape, a color, a piece that speaks to them, something to hold that holds onto them. Something that they find healing. A rebirth. A new life.

It is about allowing the piece to shape and warp and crack and move freely, unrestricted, untethered, which is what gives it strength, character and uniqueness. Never expecting, wanting or needing perfection. Freedom to create and freedom to be.

No two pieces will ever be alike, in shape, form, size or condition and this is what attracts one to my art. Some are thick and heavy, some thin and light. Some are dark and some are bright. Some have voids and holes, or are swirling with rings or colors and shapes. Others are twisted and bent, cracked and adorned with rock, gems, shell, copper, rope and glass. Some voids are filled with coffee grounds, green or black tea, sage, grape vine leaves, sawdust.  Others have bark and lichens, spalt and flame. Some are shiny, some are dull, some are smooth like glass and others are rustic and rough. I use 100% food grade drying oils like hemp, flax, walnut or tung, shellac or Danish oil and food safe waxes. Each piece is hand finished and there is no part of any piece that my fingers have not touched. Wood turning and hand carving is an extraordinary tactile art that allows others to touch and feel and experience the piece as I did.  This is how they connect.

I embrace the uniqueness of each piece of wood and craft the art to capture the most character, and every single time it becomes magical. To me, each piece of wood is a gift, from nature and I always give back to the earth from which I take.  All have a story. All have meaning and all have worth. Just like all of us, each one has a place in this world. It might be with you.

Each piece has a lively energy of renewal that may give each beholder hope and a sense of a connection to nature and to themselves.


~~ The Wood Owl