one good turn

There are several reasons why I do what I do. Why I turn what I turn and why I donate to others. There are as many layers to my art as there are in my philosophy.

I love nature and trees and the rustic warmth of wood. I love that trees and forests are homes to millions of birds, wildlife, bugs and bats. And I love the ability to create unique art from trees and to give back to the local community.

One Good Turn Deserves Another. Really.

There is nothing like creating something for someone knowing it will  help someone else out down the road, somewhere, somehow, sometime.

People give me wood. I give a gift back. This perpetuates the life of the tree. Perhaps it was a childhood wonder, or had a swing, or you climbed that tree, was married under that tree. And now it has to come down. Why burn it when you can extend those memories by donating a piece with character to the Wood Owl, and receive a gift back in return and know sales of future items from that gift to me will help others.

I create art from wood that has been fractured, broken, battered, abandoned, tossed away. I donate back to those non-profits, that support those, whether humans or animals, that have also been fractured, broken, battered, abandoned and tossed away.  I am not a traditional wood turner, and the wood I turn is not typical. That is the beauty of my art.

I leave the wood as natural as I can. Use primarily locally sourced, or gifted trees and wood, work hard to be sustainable, recycle, upcycle,  eco-friendly. I do not buy endangered or vulnerable wood. Nor do I buy exotics from another country as that is not sustainable.  And I do my very best to avoid any woods that are listed on the CITES or IUCN red list.

To help identify woods, their properties, hardness, country of origin, and if they are on the CITES or IUCN red list, I routinely use this fantastic website. 

Some of the woods gifted to me have come from Hawaii, Florida, North Carolina and Puerto Rico. These trees weren’t cut for their wood, they were damaged and needed to come down or they were reclaimed beams.

My art is my meditation and is healing for me. There is no better way to be mindful but to be creating art and caring for the nature that surrounds us and to give back to the community. And to have an endless supply of wood from around the country has been the best gift ever.

I create. You buy. We donate. Simple.

Give a new life.