care and feeding of your wood art

How to care for your wooden art piece. 

Each piece I craft with a focus on restoring the wood, extending the life of the tree and creating a unique piece of art for you. Finishing can be a real challenge because the majority of the wood I use is old and rotten, filled with ant holes, bug trails, spalt and voids. But that is where the beauty of this wood lies.

I prefer to use sustainable hemp oil in the majority of my work.  On occasion I  will use linseed, walnut, or tung oils or beeswax but have found hemp to be the most beneficial in my restoration process. The key is to be sure to let it dry between applications.

Every once in a while, I craft a piece that requires weeks or months to complete their unique finishing process. Some pieces are stored in their own wood chips for weeks or months after being turned. While others are finished on the lathe after the turning and sanding phases.  The age and type of wood, moisture content, defects, and other characteristics determine the finishing process for that particular piece.

What to do with the oil.

Once you arm yourself with your oil of choice, here is how you will care for your art. Infuse the whole piece with oil, rub in with your hands just as I do in the shop. Be careful not to drop it as it will be slippery and if dropped it could break. Connect with your art. The warmth from your hands helps the oil absorb into the piece. Let it rest and soak up for 30 minutes and use a soft cloth or an old t-shirt or socks to rub off any remaining oil. You do not want oil to pool up on the piece.  Let the oiled piece dry for 24 hours then buff with a new clean dry cloth, old sock, wool or felt.  Repeat the oiling process every month.

Wood still moves after being crafted into art. It is still alive and can warp and crack with weather, moisture and temperature changes.  If something happens to your art, let me know. Take care of your art and email me if you have questions.