where in the world is my art??????

Where art thou in this world? 

I have been extraordinarily fortunate to have my art traveling around this beautiful small blue world of ours. There is something so exciting about seeing the postmaster and having her ask what part of the world is lucky enough to be getting my art this time. This question brings a huge smile to my face and to my heart and actually gave me the idea to create this map to mark the destination of each piece of art.

I thank all of you who have purchased my art and love sharing  the details of “where in the world” that piece now lives. While most of my art is in the United States, some works have been sent around the world to Italy, Germany, Australia, Israel, England, France,  and Thailand.

For those of you out there with my art, please contact me if you have any questions about the origin of the wood of your special piece, how it was crafted, its life story and I will be happy to share what I can. Also, feel free to send photos of you or your city or landscape with your piece of art and I will post it on this website.

Quick tips for taking care of your art. No matter where in the world you live, wood will dry out and it is really still a living moving thing, so you must oil each art piece about once a month for them to keep up their appearance.  It is best to use something sustainable like hemp or flax seed oil. You can use walnut oil too if not allergic. Rub in by hand, wipe off with a soft cloth and let dry. Buff after 24 hours with a soft cloth or better yet, use felt or old clean wool socks. Email me for additional questions.


Recycle, reuse, and restore this beautiful small blue world of ours.

~ The WoodOwl